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Services Offered:
The following list is an overview of most services CFR offers. If you do not see your flooring issue listed,  please contact us with any questions.


CARPET RE-STRETCH - Stretching of Carpet is the process of literally stretching the material, cutting off the excess and re-installing the Carpet. Wrinkles will appear when there is too much Carpet in a given area which can be due to many factors. A common misconception is that the wrinkles will go away in time, when in fact the longer this is put off the looser the Carpet will become increasing the damage to the Carpet. A re-stretch can add years of life to the Carpet. Re-stretching Carpet typically costs 70% less than installing new Carpet. This is one of our most common repairs. 

CARPET: RE-INSTALLATION - Having had your Carpet pulled back due to water damage, pad replacement, water treatment or any number of reasons, CFR can re-install your carpet.

CARPET: PATCHING - Using a matching piece of material, CFR can patch the Carpet which can save a homeowner from having to replace the Carpet with new.

CARPET: CLEANING - Using an Upright Steam System, Our Cleaning is geared towards Carpets that will benifit from a cleaning. If your Carpet hasn't been cleaned in the last few years, it is probably time. However, you can over clean your Carpets, We know this is not what your typical Carpet Cleaning company will tell you. Our equipment and chemicals are extremily effective and leave your carpet smelling fresh and looking bright.

HARDWOOD: CFR Does not offer Full Refinishing/Resanding of Hardwood. HoweverFrequently, hardwood flooring may only need Resealed without the mess of a complete sanding. This sealing process gives luster and life back to the wood and eliminates the "dulling" or "greying" of the wood due to moisture from the air. CFR also offers plank replacement due to termites or water damage. 

LAMINATE: Laminate flooring is similar to a Pergo type of flooring. Scratches and dents can be repaired with this type material, however a full plank replacement is less noticeable if customer has matching material.

SHEET GOODS: Flooring such as Congoleum can be patched if the customer has extra material. The yellowing that sometimes appears on this type of flooring is, unfortunately, permanent and is usually caused by tread from a Blacktop Driveway (shoes) or the original adhesive used was incorrect for the product upon initial installation. 

WATER DAMAGE: CFR can provide blowers and dehumidifiers for drying out of Carpet due to water damage. Replacement of the padding due to water damage is common. 90% of the time, the Carpet itself can be saved. Sections of Sub-Flooring can also be replaced. This is often necessary underneath doors where the wood is soft. Typically, the sub-floor has rotted over time due to water coming in around the door sill which a homeowner may not have noticed.

SUB-FLOORING: CFR can replace entire sub-flooring or just partial damaged areas. Rotted sub-floors are often due to water or pet urine, which additionally causes a terrible odor through-out the home. Termite damaged sub-flooring can also be replaced.

SQUEAKY SUB-FLOORS: This is another common request at CFR. Squeaky sub-flooring is a result of the flooring not being secured causing friction through motion around adjacent wood and or nails. These repairs are made by pulling the carpet back and screwing the sub-floor to eliminate movement. CFR can Re-install material after repairs are completed. CFR will never screw through your carpet which is a noneffective measure. 

CERAMIC TILE: CFR attends to broken or loose tiles, grout replacement, grout color change and sealing.

FLOOR JOIST: Twisted floor joists is a common issue. This causes a sub-floor to have a "crowning point", or sagging area, in the floor. Joists can be replaced to level the sub-floor. 


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