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Carpet Re-Stretching!! Oh yes you can,,,
A couple of notes - Yes you can have that Carpet Re-Stretched and for a lot less than new carpet, typically less than 1/3rd the cost of new, also as mentioned before, wrinkles don't go away on their own- they only get worse and the longer the wrinkles are there the more you will see a ("Wear mark") since wrinkled carpet lays more open than the rest of the room. And finally if you do choose to have your carpets Re-Stretched you will be pleased to know under normal circumstances you just bought another 3-5 years to the life of the carpet.
Re-Finish or Re-Seal Hardwood Floors ?
Hardwood Floors are beautiful and one of the best ways to add value to your home. If your Hardwood Flooring is dull it simply needs a Re-Sealing. This saves your wood and brings it back to life cheaper than replacing your wood with any other type of flooring.
Those "Squeaky Floor Blues"
Not all blues are bad, as a matter of fact I happen to love the blues, however if you have the "Squeaky Floor Blues" and want to get rid of them you may want to read this months letter.
Tips for Repairs Due to Frozen Pipes
Cincinnati Floor Repair offers a variety of Floor Repair service's on all types of flooring, some include CARPET- Re-stretching/patching. TILE & GROUT- repair/color change and cleaning/sealing. HARDWOOD- Re-seal/plank Re-placement. SUB-FLOORING- Replacement of damaged wood/Squeaks.