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Tips for Repairs Due to Frozen Pipes

This month we have received our share of calls for
Re-Installation of Carpet/Padding due to water damage from
frozen pipes. Unfortunately, frozen water pipes can cause
severe damage to a home. It is most important to make sure
the damaged pipe(s) have been fixed before CFR can properly
repair the effected floor area(s).
As obvious as this sounds, one of our recent customers
had three separate incidents of water damage within a three
week period simply because they thought their pipes had
been properly repaired. The HomeOwner was anxious to get
CFR out to Re-Install their Carpet/Padding and ended up
having to have this done a few times as a result.
CFR would like to recommend a few tips when dealing
with water damage. CFR will remove any wet padding
necessary, then install blowers and dehumidifiers as needed
on our initial visit which is as quickly as available upon
receiving the phone call.
Most importantly, be sure to have your frozen pipes
properly fixed. Often, drywall will need to be removed
around the ruptured pipe. CFR recommends having all of your
plumbing tested before you have your drywall patched and
painted, this sounds obvious but trust me.
Try to be patient. No one likes their home being torn
apart. However, a small leak, not detected in a pipe, can
cost a homeowner more time and money if not caught or
properly repaired. Once you know for sure the problem has
been corrected then you can have your home put back
CFR takes pride in our quick response time to our
customers. You can trust this will be extended to our
customers who need their home back together as quickly as
As always, feel free to contact us from our contact page
for any of your Floor Repair questions or concerns.

Have a great month-