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Those "Squeaky Floor Blues"

Squeaky Floors are sometimes referred to as "My built in
alarm system" or "My way of knowing when my kids get
home." While an endearing house signal, squeaky floors can
sometimes be annoying and are often a negative quality for
a house on the market.
Surprisingly, squeaky floors are equally common in
newer and older homes. In fact, the majority of squeaky
floors CFR fixes are homes built in the last 10-20 years.
99% of the time, squeaks in your flooring are the
result of an area where the sub-flooring is not properly
fastened to the floor joist. When walked upon, movement
occurs around the loose nails and a "squeak" results. It is
very common for one part of the room to squeak while the
other side doesn't. These loose nails, or the ones with the
blues as I like to say, have either come loose over time or
were never properly installed. (The proper installation of
sub-flooring calls for gluing and nailing of the sub-floor
to the joist.) Note that a nail going into your sub-floor
without being in the joist is useless.
So how do you get rid of your "Squeaky Floor Blues"?
You simply call Cincinnati Floor Repair. Don't worry, we
will not pull up your sub-flooring. We will, however, pull
your carpet and padding back, screw your sub-flooring down
and then properly re-install your carpet and padding.
Please note I wrote "screw the sub-flooring down." We
already know that nails come loose, however, screws
properly installed will not come loose.
You have probably seen kits you can buy which come
with a screw tool and a few screws. Please don't think
for a minute screwing screws through your carpet will
fix your floors, which is what these kits suggest. It will
not. Without the proper expertise, your carpet could easily
be destroyed, incurring further expenses.
In closing, I would like to mention that floors,
such as Tile or Hardwood, can also have those "squeaky
floor blues." CFR has additional methods to fix these
In the effort to keep these e-newsletters brief, however,
I will be more than glad to answer any questions you may
have via our "Contact Us" page.
Now you know all about those "Squeaky Floor Blues."

Have a great month-