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Re-Finish or Re-Seal Hardwood Floors ?

In the 50's and 60's, Hardwood flooring was the standard
flooring option. Since that time, many wood floors have
been covered with carpet. Now, many homeowners wish to pull
their carpet up and re-expose their beautiful Hardwood
floors. While homeowners frequently find their Hardwood
floors to be in great shape, they are often dull.
To refresh Hardwood floors, you can either Re-Seal or
Re-Finish them. Most homeowners are relieved to hear they
need only Re-Seal their floors. Re-Sealing Harwood floors
is 1/3rd of the cost, and 1/3rd of the mess, less than
Re-Finishing Harwood floors.
To Re-Finish Hardwood flooring, a "drum sander" is used
to sand the wood down as necessary in order to remove all
scratches and imperfections from the wood.
When Re-Sealing Hardwood flooring, CFR will use a
buffing machine and screen to roughen the surface of the
floor. This is necessary to remove topical issues such as
dried paint or minor scratching in the existing finish.
The easiest way to determine which method is best for
your floors is straightfoward. If the floors have deep
scratches and gouges, or you wish to change the stain
color, you will need to Re-finish the flooring. If the
floors, however, are simply dull and have typical wear, you
will have the option to Re-Seal the flooring. With either
process, you can choose the sheen finish.
While CFR does not offer Re-Finish work, there are many
Hardwood floor companies that are qualified for Re-Finish
CFR does offer Re-Seal work. A Re-Seal makes old floors
look great again and is an investment, especially if the
house is on the market. Floors typically need Re-Sealing
every 5-7 years depending on traffic. If the floors are
starting to "gray", they are at a dangerous place. Graying
is the first sign that moisture is getting into the wood.
In this case, I strongly recommend having the floors
I hope this information is helpful. As always, send an
email, or call, with any questions you may have. I am happy
to help you decide which process is best for your specific
flooring situation.