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e-newsletter > Carpet Re-Stretching!! Oh yes you can,,,
Carpet Re-Stretching!!  Oh yes you can,,,

About 15 years ago when CFR was a newly founded business,
the absolute number one request I would get was for
stretching carpet. That was if the customer was fortunate
enough to find out this could be done before mistakenly
thinking that they had no choice but to replace perfectly
good carpet.

To this day I still get calls on a regular basis from
potential clients that express surprise when finding out
that their carpet can be Re-Stretched.
I am going to attempt to keep a simple problem (wrinkled
carpet) simple, short and complete.
There are a vast amount of reasons you or your clients
carpet may look as if it took to being a home for a small
fuzzy creature. However to avoid being technical to the
point of boredom I simply will list for you the 3 main
causes of carpet "wrinkling".
Basically when your carpet starts to get "wrinkles", It
simply is letting you know there is too much carpet in the
room. You may also notice the "wrinkles" don't get smaller
or go away-in fact they grow and will continue until the
problem has been rectified or you simply wear a hole in
that area and have to replace it.

1. Improper initial installation-
2. Improper furniture moving-
3. Natural or (Normal) wear and tear.

1. Improper Installation- This is typically the case when
CFR goes into a home and the carpet has wrinkled within the
first 2-3 years. If carpet has been properly installed you
should not have to have it Re-Stretched within a few years.
The most probable cause being the carpet was never "power
stretched." (Technical term used in the industry.) New
Carpet being as stiff as it is should be power stretched
especially when new, if not then over time the carpet
starts to get loose and relaxed causing wrinkles.

2. Improper furniture moving- This is more rare but a
common cause. This is when people decide to move there
furniture 5 times a year by pushing and sliding everything
(and I do mean everything) without picking anything up,, no
glides,, no empty anything out, so the carpet gets pushed
and pulled on in ways it was never meant for and the
obvious happens. I must say these people seem to have twice
the amount of furniture than most for some reason, and they
just haven't found that layout they are looking for.

3. Normal Wear and Tear- This is the most common, however
some people don't realize what "natural is". When you buy
carpet and your salesman tells you that your carpet is
guaranteed for life, they usually don't tell you that the
life of carpet is said to be 8-10 years. ( Based on
manufacture warranties) Now before you exhale that
breath,, let me acknowledge the fact carpet can last a lot
longer than that, even if it is not wool.
Natural wear and tear is just treating your carpet like it
was meant to be treated. Vacuumed when dirty glides used to
move furniture cleaned only when necessary ,, heck you can
even wear shoes on it nowadays...
So, when you do all the above what happens over time
"naturally" is the latex on the backing starts to break
down which is what keeps the carpet nice and tight. When
this happens the
carpet loosens and again you get to the point of simply
having too much carpet in the room, hence the wrinkles.

The good news and reason for this e-newsletter is inform
you and your clients that A. It is more common than you
realize and B. It is easily corrected ( well, easy when you
know what your doing). When CFR Re-Stretches Carpet, it is
pulled up around the room and cut, not simply just kicked
under the baseboard to hide the wrinkles for a month or so.
This is vital for a proper Re-Stretch.

If you would have any questions regarding this procedure
please contact CFR.
Thank you,