May 22, 2014 @ 8:50 AM

What you won't hear most Carpet Cleaning Company's say is, you can clean your carpet's too often. Well since we here at CFR Clean and Repair Carpet, trust us, if you clean your Carpet more than once a year, you are damaging the backing of your carpet. The backing of most all Carpet is made using latex to hold everything together, and like chewing gum, if your carpet gets to wet, to often, it will begin to break the "latex" backing down. Simply put, getting your Carpets cleaned is absoultly important for the life of your Carpet, but over cleaning them is absolutly not benificial. And before you ask, No, it does not matter if you use the "dry" method, which actually tends to be harder on the fibers.  Whether you use CFR or any other company to clean your Carpets, just keep this information in mind. Go Bengals,,