November 16, 2011 @ 2:21 PM

Ok- We get this call all the time. And the answer is ,,,, well there are multiple causes. Having said that, there is one thing that is a constant fact no matter the cause of your Carpet getting wrinkles. If your Carpet has wrinkles it is because your Carpet is trying to talk to you. I know - sounds crazy - but your Carpet is trying to say Hey - There is too much of me and I need to be Cut and Restretched by CFR. I have no clue how your Carpet got our name, I'm just sayin.

On the serious side now, Carpet only Wrinkles when it is being forced from the sides to stand up because there is simply too much Carpet for the area. The cause is basically moot, however here are some of the most common symtoms. Carpet that is not properly stretched In ( as in not power stretched ) can losen over time simply due to the backing get worn in a bit. Now if your Carpet was installed in the Winter , that Carpet can be very very stiff and very hard to get stretched properly. Not impossible just Hard. So initial installation is probably 65% of the blame in the ReStretch work we do. This usally is the case when Carpet wrinkles in the 1-3 years. The next big reason is dragging furniture around instead of lifting and setting it in place. That is more of a forced wrinkle however it still will loosen the Carpet to the point of needing a ReStretch in time. Third on our list would be having the Carpets cleaned too often. I know this could upset those Carpet Cleaning Companys ( of which I do a lot of work for) however,  if your carpet gets wet 2-3 times a year be ready to get your Carpet Restretched or worse yet, Replaced. The backing of most Carpet is made of a Latex and it's like chewing gum- the longer its wet the more it breaks down, simple.

One of the last causes of this would simply be due to age. The "life of Carpet" is 8-10 years. That is the manufactures words, not mine. That doesn't mean your Carpet will only last 8-10 years. It does mean that if your Carpet wrinkles in that time frame, that is simply normal ware and tear. 

How'bout we end on a good Note, that would be that for less than a 1/3 of the cost of Carpet you can get it ReStretched and if done properly you just doubled the life of your Carpet in most cases. Its more often than not considered good house keeping and very common.

Cincinnati Floor Repair has been providing this service longer than anyone in the Tri-State area and would be honered to answer any questions you may have concerning your wrinkles. 

In closing, on an educational note- Wrinkles never just "go away". In fact they are guarenteed to only grow, I promise. Also the longer they are excisting the Carpet will develop a wear mark in that area and will only worsen as well. If you are starting to see wrinkles in your Carpet- have a professional ReStretch ( hopefully CFR but not a must) it as soon as you can. You will be the one who benifits. 

Till Next Time- Lenny