August 19, 2011 @ 12:28 PM

Hello Tri-State area. Welcome. This is the first of the Blog for CFR In an effort to keep you informed and offer knowledge concerning floors, while having a little fun, I look forward to your feedback or comments as well. 

Cincinnati Floor Repair is the First full service Floor Repair Company of it's kind in the Tri-State area. We originated in 1993 and have seen and serviced many scenarios concerning Floor Repairs, and still do. Having said that - I would like to use this first blog to let you know that we are a locally owned and operated Business. One of the most asked questions I get from new callers is " Are you Local". 

The reason for this question is because there are companies ( one specifically) out there that is not local and attempt to use sub- contractors in different cities to do this work. Not a bad idea and obviously not wrong at all. The problem comes in when customers call us and tell us ( and do they ever ) how they had work scheduled with this other company and no one ever showed up let alone took the time to call, and the majority of the time find out that this other company doesn't service their particular area any longer. Of course now they are a bit upset and skeptical for this service. Totally understandable.

I get this very often so I thought it worthy for our initiation Blog to share with all our customers. We are local, and pride ourself on our Customer Service across the board. If we say we are going to be there , we will be there. If we give you a price, that's the price, none of this price hiking once we show up. This of course might seem a bit old fashion now days, but it still works, It's really that simple.

Thanks and I personally look forward to the World of Blog with you!